Eziak – No Place Land

This psychedelic instrumental rock album epitomizes an emotional sojourn into an atmospheric soundscape, which is populated with a collection of guitars and horns plus a few sliverings of eclectic instrumentation. You get a great feeling of warmth and darkness coming through, with plenty of Greek musical influences.


Thom Yorke – Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes

Thom Yorke continues his long romantic break with genre-less electronica. This album is boorish, predictable and miserable. Whilst there is a raw and earthy quality to it, it rarely veers away from his previous back catalog, offering very little excitement to the listener.


Pisces – Pisces

This is a breathy, layered, and atmospheric folk lament, spun in a hypnotic web by a deeply enchanting and somewhat child-like voice. The patches of darkness are occasionally blotted with sparse interchanges, creating a dense and minimal duality. An immersive and reverberating listen.


Detachments – Detachments LP

OK this isn’t a new album (January 2011) but it has such a joyous, infectious quality to it that I couldn’t help reviewing it. The rhythmic synth syncopation that dances between the melody and beat is brooding and intensely effective. Most importantly you have great tunes which seem beamed straight from the dark, inner city underbelly.


Opaline – Shade Virtual

This album re-examines the platform of ambient music, composed largely with blurry, dazed pads nestling under blip-blop synthesized reverberations. There is a calmness in it’s sonic air but there’s also an added drizzle of sinister intent. This isn’t the most distinctive music landscape you’ll hear, but it has a certain allure and appeal you just can’t explain.